Jardin BiO étic, an organic and committed food brand

A pioneering brand

Charles and Catherine Kloboukoff created Le jardin biologique in 1995.  At the time, the organic market was just starting up, but even back then, they already wanted to offer healthier products that were kind to people and to the planet. 

Since 1995, Jardin BiO has been a leader in organic foods available in supermarkets and large-scale retail, a true everyday organic grocery shop with over 550 products that respond to consumers’ everyday needs.   

From breakfast (mueslis, spreads, teas…) to lunch (express meal bags, canned vegetables…) and from snacks (filled biscuits, spreads, shortbreads…) to culinary aids (lemon juice, coconut oil, stock cubes…), Jardin BiO always strives to exceed organic food standards. 

Throughout its history, the brand has always contributed to the development of high-quality, sustainable and ethical organic supply chains, while also ensuring the expansion of fair-trade practices and relocating supply sourcing and manufacturing to France. 

as a core company value

Charles and Catherine Kloboukoff have led the brand through many battlegrounds in producing organic food that is people- and planet-friendly: today we are members of 1% for the Planet, we provide funding to factories to counter relocation efforts, and we herald the elimination of controversial ingredients such as palm oil… 

This commitment is also reflected in the company’s governance. By promoting models such as employee shareholding and by maintaining its independence, Jardin BiO étic ensures its mission and CSR policy are as significant as the company’s economic performance and the continued control of its own actions.   

In 2020, the company decided to reinforce its unique model with retailers and changed its name from Jardin BiO to Jardin BIO étic.  In addition, the company has implemented 50 concrete commitments to ensure higher social responsibility, organic supply chain development, consumer safety, health and nutrition, and climate and biodiversity conservation. 

A word from the founder

We wish to contribute to a more harmonious world and are modestly committed to producing healthful and tasty products.” CEO, Groupe Léa Nature

Charles Kloboukoff
CEO, Groupe Léa Nature