Our objectives

Constantly taking our commitments one step further: our objectives by 2025

Bandeau Ambitions Jardin BiO étic

Ethical enterprise 

  • Offering 40% fair-trade products in our catalogue 
  • Increasing employee stock ownership plan by 10%.

Territories and local supply chains  

  • Redistributing at least €4 million for the development of organic and fair-trade supply chains in France and overseas.
  • Offering at least 150 products that are certified Made in France (OFG-certified).
  • Producing 80% of our catalogue products in France.

Innocuous, healthful and nutritious 

  • Ensuring that 90% of our products contain no added aromas and removing all non-organic flavours.
  • Remaining vigilant to ensure no controversial additives are used.
  • Guaranteeing that 70% of our product offer has an A or B Nutri-Score.

Climate and biodiversity  

  • Redistributing over €15 million between 2007 and 2025 to the 1% for the Planet initiative.
  • Reducing our petroleum-based plastics by 60% until they amount to less than 1% of our total packaging.
  • Making 100% of our packaging out of recyclable or biodegradable materials.
  • Limiting our products containing animal proteins to 5% of our total offer and implementing a labelling system about animal welfare.