“I” as in Innocuous, healthful and nutritious

100% of our products are certified organic.

Ever since we started out, we have exceeded organic regulations and committed to ensuring food safety:  as plant experts, we create products that are free of any controversial additives*, are nutritionally balanced and include active ingredients renowned for their health benefits.  Each day, we are dedicated to consolidating this approach through innovation and research and development. 

Our ethical guarantee   

Score A-B  

  • 100% of our products have been certified organic since 1995 
  • 0 controversial additives* and nanoparticles
  •  70% of products have a Nutriscore ranking of A or B

*Based on the listing available at: www.quechoisir.org/comparatif-additifs-alimentaires-n56877/  


Jardin BiO étic has chose to display the five-colour Nutri-Score scale on its product packaging. This choice is focused on ensuring clear information and transparency on the nutritional qualities of each product. Jardin BiO étic products are free from artificial colorings*, sweeteners or flavour enhancers and also contain no hydrogenated* fats or palm oil. Jardin BiO étic uses the most natural ingredients, preserving their nutritional qualities and limiting salt, saturated fatty acids and added sugar. Thanks to the healthful and balanced choices brought to you by Jardin BiO étic, you can enjoy great tasting-food that is also good for you.