“E” as in Ethical enterprise

Our fundamental purpose and our CSR policy are as important to us as our economic performance.

bandeau entreprise citoyenne Jardin BiO etic

We are committed to the independent and sustainable management of our activities while ensuring organic production in France in support of local development.   

Fair trade

At the end of the 90s, we started working with small producers.  In 2005, we were the first brand to offer an organic and fair-trade line. Today, 20% of our product offer is fair-trade-based!  While fair trade stands as a recognized label, for Jardin BiO étic it also represents a deep commitment: that of ensuring the best commercial terms and therefore a fair price for producers. This requires establishing trust with them:  our partnerships are based on respect, long-lasting relationships, transparency and trust. 

In 2020, we implemented a fair-trade programme that is verified by an independent third-party organization with in-house specifications applying to our products: 

  • Equitable (+50% of the ingredients are fair-trade-sourced) 
  • Several labels are recognized (Fairtrade/FLO, Agri-éthique France, Fair for Life, …)  

In the past, we prioritized fair trade for products grown overseas, such as the cocoa used for our chocolate bars and green tea, but we are currently developing this practice in France for such products as green lentils from the Vendée department.  

Our objective? Offering 40% fair-trade products in our catalogue by 2025!