Organic tomato sauce with Espelette chilli

Organic tomato sauce with Espelette chilli

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Etic guarantee:

French tomatoes and

Espelette chilli

Cooked in France

Product details

The organic advantage

Jardin BiO étic has prepared a sauce made with tomatoes grown in France and Espelette chilli. Bon appétit!

Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 3 days.

Tomatoes*¹ 92% (semi-reduced tomato purée*¹, tomato pulp*¹), onion* pieces, extra virgin olive oil*, sea salt, cane sugar*, paprika*, garlic purée*, PDO Espelette chilli*¹ 0.25%, basil*.

* Products from organic agriculture.

1. from France (93% of the organic agricultural ingredients).