Organic sweetened condensed coconut milk

Organic sweetened condensed coconut milk

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Fair trade

From Sri Lanka

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The organic advantage

This cooking ingredient will bring some sweetness to everyday life! Jardin BiO étic sweetened condensed coconut milk is a 100% plant-based product that will add subtle sweet notes to all your pastries.
It adds a little gourmet twist that makes all the difference, without spoiling your recipes. This organic sweetened condensed coconut milk, with no preservatives or added flavours, is made with only natural ingredients: 60% coconut milk, 30% cane sugar, water and guar gum for a pleasant texture. It is also ideal in hot or cold drinks.

Ideal for making pastries or for livening up your hot or cold drinks.

Coconut extract* 60%, cane sugar* 30%, water, thickening agent: guar gum.

*Product from organic agriculture.

Underlined: ingredient conforms with fair trade standards (66% of the total ingredients from agricultural origin).