Organic « Premium » dark chocolate 80% cocoa – fair trade

Organic "Premium" dark chocolate
80% cocoa - fair trade

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From Ecuador

No soy lecithin

Product details

The organic advantage

This chocolate bar is made with cocoa from Ecuador, where many families of farmers grow and harvest "Cacao Nacional" pods, a famous Peruvian variety of the Amazonian Forastero.

Over 1,600 families belonging to producer associations organically farm these cacao trees. Thanks to fair trade initiatives, they are remunerated fairly for their work, whatever the current cocoa prices.

In this chocolate bar, discover all the power and aromatic subtlety of "Cacao Nacional", a unique cocoa truly loved by connoisseurs that has powerful, floral notes.

This recipe is intended for lovers of full-bodied and intense flavours and can be enjoyed alone or with an espresso.

Keep away from light, humidity and heat. Over 20°C, the chocolate may turn white. This is a natural phenomenon and in no way affects the quality of the product.

Ecuadorian cocoa paste*, cane sugar*, vanilla extract*.

Cocoa content: minimum 80%.

*Products from organic agriculture.

Underlined: fair trade ingredients.

May contain traces of milk, gluten and nuts.