Organic herbal tea  fat burner

Organic herbal tea
fat burner

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Packaged at our Périgny facility (Charente-Maritime)

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The organic advantage

The shared fat-burning action of maté and guarana is combined with the benefits of other plants traditionally known to promote the renal excretion of water (green tea and birch). Jardin BiO étic’s fair trade green tea and maté come from China and Brazil respectively, where they are grown and harvested by small-scale producers. This delicately vanilla-flavoured drink can be enjoyed at any time of day.
Leave to steep for 10 min in boiled water. To benefit fully from this herbal tea’s effects, drink 3 to 4 cups a day, preferably without sugar.

Maté* (Ilex paraguariensis) 28%, green tea* (Camellia sinensis) 27.5%, birch* (Betula pendula) 27.%, guarana* (Paullinia cupana) 7%, green coffee (Coffea canephora) 7%, natural vanilla flavour* 3%

*Products from organic agriculture.

Underlined: ingredients conform with fair trade standards (62.5% of the total ingredients from agricultural origin).