Organic fair trade green tea digestion

Organic fair trade green tea

Etic guarantee:

Fair trade chun mee green tea

100% plants

Packaged at our Périgny facility (Charente-Maritime)

Product details

The organic advantage

Fennel, anise and star anise help with digestion by reducing feelings of bloating and promoting intestinal transit. They are blended with Chun Mee green tea, which lends this drink a mild and floral aroma.
Jardin BiO étic's fair trade tea is sourced from the mountainous region of Hunan, where the tea has been grown and harvested by groups of small-scale producers.

How to fully enjoy the taste and benefits of this tea?
Drink 2-3 cups a day. Leave to steep for 2-3 min.
Can also be enjoyed cold.

Green tea* 50%, fennel* 26%, anise* 19%, star anise* 5%.

*Products from organic agriculture.

Underlined: ingredients conform with fair trade standards (95% of the total ingredients from agricultural origin).