Organic chocolate and hazelnut spread – 350 g

Organic chocolate and hazelnut spread
- 350 g

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Etic guarantee:

Fair trade

Palm oil-free

Product details

The organic advantage

With its delicious hazelnut and chocolate taste, Jardin BiO étic’s palm oil-free spread is a gourmet sweet treat.

The spread may contain naturally occurring white specks of cocoa butter, but this in no way affects its quality.

Cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, chocolate* 16.5% (cane sugar*, low-fat cocoa powder*, cocoa butter*), hazelnut purée* 10%, skimmed milk powder*, soy flour*, emulsifier: lecithin* (soy), Bourbon vanilla extract*.

* Products from organic agriculture.

May contain traces of other nuts and lupin.

Underlined: ingredients conform with fair trade standards (55% of the total ingredients from agricultural origin).